Since the 1970s, much has been said about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, whose main differentiating characteristic is the incorporation of vegetables and fish. But... do we really know what we eat? 

Of a catalog of 1007 edible species of fish and seafood in Spain, there is currently only true nutritional information for 90 species. So we know what we eat, but not completely. 

The sea is a huge system, but not infinite, and this ignorance of the majority of species, added to consumption habits, causes overexploitation of the best-known and most consumed species. From Ona ​​Futura we started this project in which the objective is to study the nutritional information of other species of fish that are not so widely consumed to promote a more responsible and varied consumption of fish. 

Knowing the nutritional value of fish and seafood can give us the power to help the oceans, encouraging the consumption of those not so popular fish and de-stressing the most consumed species. Living is balance, if the sea helps us to live, we must help it maintain its balance and know the products that we can obtain without altering the balance between species. 

At the Ona Futura Foundation we believe that the human being is part of the ecosystem and that the solution for a more balanced planet is not the suppression of human activity, it is the rational modification of their habits. 

If you also believe that with research, knowledge and work we can change the world, help us with a contribution.