"Mind and Sea" aims to promote well-being, connecting mental health with recreational-sports activities, and at the same time promote cleanliness and care for the marine environment, reinforcing the emotional bond with nature.

Initially this project will be carried out on the Catalan coast and is focused on people interested in participating in activities that promote general well-being and create healthy behavioral habits.

Seafood Impact Project

The sea is a huge system, but not infinite, and this ignorance of the majority of species, added to consumption habits, causes overexploitation of the best-known and most consumed species. From Ona ​​Futura we started this project in which the objective is to study the nutritional information of other species of fish that are not so widely consumed to promote a more responsible and varied consumption of fish.

Sea Meadows Project

The Ona Futura Foundation leads marine protection and regeneration projects with the aim of increasing biodiversity and bioabundance. Its approach is based on collaboration with the Department of Materials of the Institut Químic de Sarrià and on the development of sustainable and completely ecological marine structures.

Fotografia de GRID-Arendal @flicker

Oxygen Project

As a result of the analysis of the data provided by the Town Council of Alcúdia (Mallorca) on the quality of the water in the lagoons of Alcúdia it was possible to demonstrate that the water ski sport organized by “Wake Park” helps improve water quality. This study shows how tourist activities can be beneficial to the environment.

Care to help us build a better future?

If you have an environmental or cultural project in favour of the Mediterranean we will be interested.