"Mind and Sea" aims to promote well-being, connecting mental health with recreational sports activities, and at the same time promote the cleanliness and care of the marine environment, reinforcing the emotional bond with nature. }

Initially, this project will be carried out on the Catalan coast and is focused on people interested in participating in activities that promote general well-being and create healthy behavioral habits.

Why is this project necessary?

Our society

We live in a time of disconnection with ourselves. We choose as a society to feel sad and emotionally down. In an increasingly interconnected world, we feel increasingly alone.

"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but by a lack of meaning and purpose."
- Viktor Frankl

32.6% of society feel loneliness
40.3% They compare themselves with others
29.7% They do not integrate into the environment
33.7% They worry about other people's opinions of them
35.2% Worried about not fitting into society

*Source: 2023 Report Mutua Madrileña Foundation

Our Beaches

More than a million tons of waste flood the Mediterranean.

*National Geographic 2022

70% (35 million) of the 50 million containers used in Spain are not recycled.

*Greenpeace 2021

Recreational use of Mediterranean beaches during the summer is responsible for up to 80% of the marine litter that accumulates.

*Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona 2021

How can we help?

“People need a purpose that has meaning. That is our reason for living. With a shared purpose, we are capable of achieving anything.”

Warren Bennis

The Navigation Chart

These activities will be made up of: pillars such as physical activity, meditation, socialization, and volunteering.

Physical activity reduces stress because it releases endorphins and other neurotransmitters that increase the feeling of well-being.
Meditating and controlling your breathing helps focus your attention and silence the flow of confusing thoughts; Meditating also conveys a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit emotional well-being and overall health.
Socializing and connecting with other people, seeking support among family and friends, and new social connections, such as volunteering, are good painkillers, offering distraction and helping to tolerate emotional ups and downs.

Maslow's pyramid

This project covers 4/5 of the pillars of Maslow's pyramid.

Through sport we cover physiological needs, as they are group activities, social needs are covered, and at the same time, by carrying out actions that take care of the environment, recognition and respect are created in the participants. By combining the 3 mentioned previously, participants can feel satisfied and proud of themselves, reaching self-realization. Creating an emotional bond with a common purpose.


Weekly cold open water swimming in a woman diagnosed with major depressive disorder reduced her symptoms and elevated her mood. "Study in the British Medical Journal Case Reports of 2018"

People who swim regularly feel 43% happier, 26% reported more motivation to complete daily tasks, and 15% reported managing life better.
"Study commissioned by Swim England for World Health Day"

The hours of sunshine influence the mood of practically everyone, the number of hours of daylight influences people's mood.
"Brigham Young University Study"

Our purpose is to improve general well-being by creating an emotional bond with the sea.

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