Sea Meadows Project

The Ona Futura Foundation leads marine protection and regeneration projects with the aim of increasing biodiversity and bioabundance. Its approach is based on collaboration with the Department of Materials of the Institut Químic de Sarrià and on the development of sustainable and completely ecological marine structures.

The Sea Meadows project, developed by the Ona Futura Foundation, has been successfully implemented in various parts of the Mediterranean coast. These ecostructures, known as Sea Life Ecostructures (SLE), are designed to encourage the colonization of native species and increase marine biodiversity.

The material used in the Sea Life Ecostructures is biodegradable and sustainable, which guarantees an environmentally friendly construction. In addition, these structures are programmable, allowing the mean period of breakup to be determined and the seafloor restored as needed. Sea Life Ecostructures not only improve water quality, generate more oxygen and capture CO2, but also have a positive impact on local economic activities by increasing the value of the tourist destination. This translates into both environmental and economic benefits for the local community. With an approach focused on sustainability, biodiversity and collaboration with scientific institutions, the Ona Futura Foundation stands out as a leading option in the regeneration of the seabed. Benefits: Sustainability and respect for the environment: The SLEs are built with biodegradable and sustainable materials, which minimizes environmental impact and promotes responsible construction practices.

Promotion of the colonization of native species: The SLEs are specifically designed to promote the colonization of native species, which contributes to the increase of marine biodiversity and the recovery of marine ecosystems.

Programmability and effective restoration: The structures are programmable, allowing control of the average period of disintegration and restoration of the seabed as necessary. This guarantees an effective restoration adapted to the specific conditions of each area.

Improving water quality and CO2 capture: SLEs improve water quality by generating more oxygen and capturing CO2, thus contributing to the health and balance of marine ecosystems.

Local economic benefits: In addition to the environmental benefits, SLEs increase the value of the local tourist destination by generating attractions for divers and visitors interested in marine biodiversity. This translates into economic opportunities for the local community.

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