Sea Meadows Project

Oceanic Posidonia is an aquatic plant proper to the Mediterranean Sea forming submarine prairies of great ecological importance given that they help prevent erosion of the coast line, contribute to the oxygenation of the water and are the habitat and breeding ground for many marine subspecies. For all these reasons Oceanic Posidonia is taken as a good indicator of the quality of coastal sea waters.

The aim of the Sea Meadows Project is the protection and regeneration of the posidonia prairie at Aucanada beach located in the Bay of Alcúdia (Mallorca) by means of the installation of bio-structures that will allow the local biodiversity to regenerate. This area is a natural prairie of posidonia which has become seriously degraded through the continuous mooring of boats. Despite being prohibited, one can bear witness during the summer months to a multitude of boats anchored in the area with the consequential harmful effect on the posidonia.

Thanks to Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) Ramón Llull University, from Ona Futura Foundation we want to promote the installation of bio-structures which, as well as contributing to the sustainable regeneration of the sea bed, also allow boats to anchor in such a way as to cause no harm to the posidonia. Moreover, these bio-structures allow sensors to be fitted in order to track in real time the regeneration process as well as to measure acoustic contamination, water pH, currents and keep a record of waves.

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