You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore

William Faulkner


Promote actions for the protection and regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea, in all its aspects: cultural, social and environmental; from the tourism sector.


We want to be a relevant agent. It is our will to be the greatest relevance in the transforming actions within the Mediterranean including direct actions in the hotel sector, working in educational training and the spread of knowledge, all in close association with other related entities.


Our will is global: we expect a significant growth in the size and impact of our actions both from Catalonia and in the rest of the State, in the Balearic Sea, the Mediterranean and, occasionally, in the field of other locations where human action and, specifically, hotel action, may involve degradation of the marine environment. Our will is social: coming from the hotel environment with a particularly familiar audience and for leisure purposes, we understand that the way to improve society as a whole is through the promotion of science and the arts from a practical approach.

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