Nacra Project

The oceanic posidonia is an aquatic plant typical of the Mediterranean Sea that forms underwater meadows of great ecological importance, as it helps to slow down the erosion of the coastline, contributes to the oxygenation of the water and is the habitat of protection and reproduction of many marine subspecies. For all these reasons, it is considered a good indicator of the quality of coastal marine waters.

The Nacra project aims to protect and regenerate the Posidonia meadow on the beach of Aucanada, in the bay of Alcúdia (Mallorca), through the installation of bio matrices that allow the regeneration of its own biodiversity. of the area. This area is a natural Posidonia meadow that has been severely damaged by the continuous anchoring of boats. Despite the ban, during the summer months you can see a multitude of boats anchored in the area that damage this meadow of Posidonia. Thanks to thereefhopper® technology designed by UnderwaterGardens, from the Ona Futura Foundation we want to promote the installation of bio matrices that, in addition to contributing to the regeneration of the seabed in a sustainable way, will also allow the anchoring of ships, thus preventing the posidonia from being damaged. In addition, these biomatrices allow the installation of telemetry sensors to be able to follow in real time the regeneration process as well as to measure noise pollution, water pH, currents and wave monitoring.

How can you collaborate?

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