Introducing ONA Futura

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I do not know if the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most mentioned in the literature, but, in any case, it is one of the ones that has generated the most rivers of ink that flow into it.

Like all seas, it has that poetry that flatters the force of the waves, the peace of the blue, and the human stories that are marine or not, but that are part of it. For this reason, and for many other reasons, because it is worthy of protection and because the news has not been encouraging for some time now, it is because the Ona Futura Foundation was born nearly two years ago. Its founder, Inma Farràn, is a woman of this sea, and, as such, she created this organization to defend the Mare Nostrum from attacks with the name of contamination, for the purposes of preservation and protection. It is not a question now of counting all the projects of the Ona Futura Foundation, because as we grow, we will be putting ideas and plans in order to reach our mission and vision, which are, respectively, promoting actions for the protection and regeneration of the sea.

Mediterranean from the Tourism sector, and purify the Mediterranean area through the promotion of culture, education and research. Projects such as Nacra, concerning the protection of posidonia, and Oxygen, which shows us that certain tourist activities can be beneficial for the environment, are, together with the promotion of culture and the new ones that are being born and to which the Ona Futura Foundation is open, the workhorses for which we invest our time and lead us to our satisfaction. A heterogeneous and valid team of people carry out this work, a non-profit work that leads to knowing the past, working in the present and looking to the future with the hope that our Mediterranean does not die. Consult our website which leads to our social networks that we recommend following.